Step 1

Initial Army ROTC inquiry information (click on link below to submit):

Prospect Sheet

Click below to review medical disqualifiers

Non-waiverable medical conditions

Step 2

Print and complete these forms:

CC Form 136-R

CC Form 137-R

Dental Records Form

DA Form 3425-R

CC Form 104-R  Fill out a draft to the best of your ability

Bring in these documents to ROTC:

Drivers Licence / Passport / Identification

Social Security Card

Birth Certificate / Naturalization

High School / College Transcripts

SAT / ACT Printout

Step 3

Before you interview with the human resources administrator, fill out and bring to the interview:





SF 1199


Step 4

CC Form 104-R    Fill out your academic plan, meet with your advisor, get their signature, turn in to ROTC

Step 5